Earn passively with YouTube Automation.

Billions are being made each year from YouTube monetization.


Done For You

We handle everything for you after you decide on the niche and branding. We build out your branding, handle the video production, manage your channel(s), and keep you updated every step of the way to getting you paid.

Confident Investment

If you haven’t made your money back in 12 months, we will work for free until you have made back your initial investment! Most clients are able to reach their initial investment in 6 to 8 months.

Quick Monetization

Most channels are able to be monetized within 30-60 days, but we have seen them be monetized even sooner with strategies we have implemented. Let us know if you are interested in getting a channel that is already monetized.

Analytics Dashboard

We provide analytics for your channel(s) through our client dashboard. Conveniently check up on your followers, watch time, and monetization metrics.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team assigns you a dedicated account manager to contact whenever needed. Additionally, we offer a personalized Discord channel for you to reach out to the entire team as needed.

Exclusive Promotional Offers

We love to reward current clients with promotional offers on our other services. Signing up for any of our services leads to exclusive discounts on other services.

Ready to start your YouTube venture?

The first step is to decide how many channels you want and how many videos you’d like to be published monthly. We recommend starting with at least 2 channels and 8-10 videos per month as YouTube is a numbers game and the more channels and videos you have, the higher your chances of going viral and accelerating your revenue stream.

We’ll put together your content creation team who will get started on logo design and video production. We will then assist with setting up your YouTube Channel. Our team will upload and manage all your videos, as well as keep an eye out for your channel to help it scale!

After that, sit back and relax while we get your channel monetized and start getting you paid!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We recommend a minimum of 10 videos each month per channel to monetize your channel as soon as possible and start earning passively. The more videos added, the faster your channel grows. YouTube is a numbers game and the more channels and videos you have, the faster you’ll make it to the top!

Let’s say you have 3 channels in different niches. One niche may perform 10x better in a given month allowing that channel to grow much faster. You then decide to scale that channel while allowing the other ones to grow. You can go viral from your very first video earning you thousands! Not every channel will perform the same, but with our YouTube Experts, every one of your channels will eventually see success. By starting with multiple channels, you may have 1 channel that will earn $10,000 – $50,000 in a month which will give you more profits to invest in the other channels and videos or even more channels! Most of our clients re-invest profits back into more channels and videos because why not? YouTube is a proven business model, we are simply doing the work for you!

The only additional cost per month is video production. You pay anywhere between $80-$120 per video which includes thumbnails, video, script, voiceover, everything. We upload and optimize the videos for you. By purchasing your videos in bulk, there is a significant discount.
You can expect ROI anywhere between 3 and 8 months. Not only will your channels be earning passive income, but since you own 100% of the channel, your channel will be worth a substantial amount after months of growing and video production. The choice is up to you if you want to hang on to your investment and continue earning passively or cashout by selling your channel. We can even assist in finding you a buyer!

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