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Business Funding

Business slowed down and ready to increase your marketing budget? Need to restock your inventory to increase sales? Or are you finally ready to start your business? We are ready to help.

Personal Funding

Ready to start driving that car you’ve been eyeing for months? What about the boat you’ve waited too long to buy? Maybe even move your family into your dream home? Reach out today, your dedicated advisor is standing by.

Real Estate Loans

Leverage your assets, whether it is residential or commercial property. The asset is used as collateral and is generally required that the company is both stable and has real estate that can be financed.

Revolving Line of Credit

Our revolving Line of Credit Products, allow you to draw funds whenever you need them and pay them back early to receive huge savings on interest. You can borrow up to a maximum credit limit and only pay interest on the amount of capital that you borrow from your credit line.

SBA Loans

Loans guaranteed by SBA range from small to large and can be used for most business purposes, including long-term fixed assets and operating capital. Your advisor can match you with the right loan for your business needs.

Business Term Loans

Just like with a traditional bank loan, with a traditional-term business loan, you are lent a lump sum dollar amount upfront, which you pay back + interest, over a set period of time depending on what you qualify and score out for.

We can help any individual or business.

Whether you have previously experienced business or business funding or not, Impruvu LLC is a complete marketplace. We have programs available for basically any type of legal business entity, start-up programs as well as personal funding.

Basic Requirements

  • Having a business bank account helps you to maximize your funding options, but personal accounts are still acceptable for many different funding options. We offer Company Formation Services if you would like assistance in starting your own business to qualify for more funding. Let your funding advisor know if you would be interested in doing so.
  • Both location and operation of the business must be in the United States.
  • Must not have an open bankruptcy.
  • Any tax liens must be in a payment plan.
  • No default history with previous lenders (in most cases).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anytime you’re applying for funding/lending, the banks will still weigh your personal credit in their decisions.
Yes, but we recommend if you’re qualified for 0% interest funding, you should start and LLC to get approved for higher limits.

Yes, but to secure higher limits and 0% interest terms, you will need to have a solid credit profile, 680+ to start.

Yes, if another member owns more than 25% equity in the company, they have to be on applications.
No, our team only looks to secure business credit that does not report to consumer credit reports. Capital One and Discover are the two business credit lenders that report to personal credit reports, for that reason we rarely use them unless the client requests them.

Impruvu will be able to assist you in building your credit report to the highest levels possible to qualify for funding.

Results may vary depending on the client profile. Impruvu does not guarantee an exact amount for the total amount funded. In most cases, eligible clients receive between $50,000 and $100,000 in their first round of funding and up to $150,000 to $250,000 after additional rounds of funding. The amount of funding obtained is based on personal and business creditworthiness.
The best thing about Impruvu, we do not charge our clients any upfront fees. We work with our clients hand in hand to achieve desired results and invoice the client once we’ve met funding goals. If we are unable to secure clients’ funding, clients pay nothing out of pocket.

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